Scale your HR team by reducing overhead of HR help desk.

Be assistive round the clock
Self-service experience
Save money & time

Smart HRBOT ready to serve you 24/7

Personal Information

Let bot update your personal information without navigating into the system.

Leave Management

Let bot apply your leaves and tell your leave balance.

Benefits Enrollment

Let Smart HRBOT do the enrollment for the benefits.

Pay Information

Ask payroll information from the Smart HRBOT.

Chatbot Implementation

Configure bot according to your custom modules.

HR Integrations

Smart HRBOT integrates with PeopleSoft HR Management System (HRMS) & updates database and answer queries on some of the routine tasks performed by HRs.

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Learn how Smart HRBOT can scale your team by automating operational tasks in your Organization. See Smart HRBOT in action and ask us about custom implementations for your unique needs


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