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Hello! We are Netesenz.

Netesenz is a premier provider of high quality software solutions. We have proven track record of delivering flexible solutions using Agile methods.

Our clientele span many industries and verticals such as Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, Student Loans, Display advertising, Online and Search Engine Marketing, Point of Sales, CRM, eCommerce and ISPs.

We're a full stack software development firm and our team of experts specializes in developing software that focus more on expressing business essence. We do that by focusing on the customer needs over legacy development methods. The software, architectures and processes are selected based on the business needs - that means delivering value to the customer each time, every time.

Our Services

We provide full stack software product development services.

Strategy & Planning Services

New technology & tools assessments. Agile Project management.

Software Development

Full stack application development (Social, Local, Mobile, Web).

Product Development

Lean PoCs to test product-market fit and assumptions.

Devops & Release Management

High velocity application deployments. Cloud integrations.

Application Management Services

Ongoing application maintenance and support.

Quality Assurance

Usability, Functional, Performance and Security testing services. Automation services.

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