Hello! We are Netesenz.

Netesenz is a premier provider of high quality software solutions. We have proven track record of delivering flexible solutions using Agile methods.

Our clientele span many industries and verticals such as Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, Student Loans, Display advertising, Online and Search Engine Marketing, Point of Sales, CRM, eCommerce and ISPs.

We’re a full stack software development firm and our team of experts specializes in developing software that focus more on expressing business essence. We do that by focusing on the customer needs over legacy development methods. The software, architectures and processes are selected based on the business needs – that means delivering value to the customer each time, every time.


what we offer

Product Development

Lean PoCs to test product-market fit and assumptions.

Software Development

Full stack application development (Social, Local, Mobile, Web).

Devops & Release Management

High velocity application deployments. Cloud integrations.

Strategy & Planning Services

New technology & tools assessments. Agile Project management.

Application Management Services

Ongoing application maintenance and support.

Quality Assurance

Usability, Functional, Performance and Security testing services. Automation services.

Web & App Development

Creating application and websites for businesses big and small. From trendy start-ups to well established brands, we have the experience and creativity to take your brand to a new level.

Talk to us about our comprehensive suite of services.

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Data Analytics

Skilled at leveraging data analytics, Netesenz offers clients a powerful combination of data aggregation and analysis that leads to enhanced decision-making.

Our consultants have successfully executed development of data lakes, data warehouse migrations, automation, and accelerations for many organizations. We apply our vast experience to help with your ETL/ELT, tool selection, clean-ups, conversions, integration and visualization needs.

Whether looking to establish an overarching data strategy or to build a simple dashboard to improve efficiencies, our Data Analytics team can meet your need.

Salesforce Managed Services

We provide trusted Salesforce managed services that are focused on your business objectives and measurable results.

Our experts create strategies that improve productivity and build infrastructure that leads to business transformation. Our Salesforce team has extensive experience in developing custom applications and integrating  Salesforce with CMS, ESP, Marketing Systems, DataLakes, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems.

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Web3 & Blockchain

Our web3 experts can develop and market your next web3 project from start to finish. We have extensive experience in designing and developing dApps, protocols, DeFi, NFTs and market places. Our clients includes artists, marketers, DAOs and traditional enterprises.

Our goal is to build an ecosystem-focused launchpad that supports healthy collaboration between projects, manages the risk of experimental design, and reduces complexity across the board.

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Netesenz has proven itself to be a reliable partner with skin in the game attitude when delivering projects. Most “gun for hire” shops simply want to define a scope of work and simply deliver that scope of work-regardless if it was defined correctly or delivers actual value to the client. We’ve been working with Netesenz for over 4 years and they consistently deliver outstanding value.
Cheif Executive Officer

Netesenz have consistently been my top choice for software consultancy, the quality of service and even the after sales services have been of a top notch, as a freelancer I would definitely recommend Netesenz, especially for a young business trying to make an impact.

Our valuable success clients story

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do. They are integrated into our daily work lives and help us to remember our customers always come first, the last thank you should always come from us.

Netesenz consultants have helped us in the past with building solutions on Amazon’s AWS cloud platform. Their developers are very knowledgeable on AWS platform and we would highly recommend them!

Netesenz is helping us build our real estate platform in the cloud. Their consultants are very knowledgable in AWS and related cloud technologies!
Product Manager


We build successful, lasting, profitable products

Building problem-solving step by step principles for your business. Our methods are well tested with a strong understanding of its core, we help you build success stories