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Netesenz Uses AWS for gymGO’s Online Fitness Delivery Platform

gymGO’s mission is to provide fitness and wellness professionals with the tools and technologies to manage their training business better. As part of this initiative, gymGO wanted to develop an online personal training platform that allowed the following:

  • Allow trainers to conduct live online two way video training sessions from anywhere.
  • Allow trainers to schedule classes and send reminder notifications to those who signed up.
  • Allow trainers and clients to use the device of their choice.
  • Integrate with wearable devices to stream client’s biometric data such as heart rate and steps taken to trainer upon client’s consent.
  • Ability for trainers to accept payments via the platform.
  • Provide better insights for trainers.

Building the online training platform on AWS

gymGO’s and Netesenz’s team followed the lean software development methodology to develop the platform. As part of this, several minimum viable products (MVPs) were planned. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provided the flexible and scalable technology platform for supporting the streaming requirements for web and mobile applications. The team developed several minimum viable products and validated various assumptions like channels, pricing & logistics.

The new platform followed AWS Well Architected Framework. Being a lean and agile team, the speed of each iteration was extremely important for the initial phases and so AWS Elastic Beanstalk was selected for application deployment. This allowed the development team to simply upload their code and let Elastic Beanstalk automatically handle the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring. Amazon Aurora was selected as the relational database for storing trainer classes and other relational data. Amazon SNS and Amazon SES were used for the notification module.

AWS – A platform for Lean Software Development

The flexibility of the AWS platform has enabled the gymGO’s product and development teams to experiment and iterate faster without affecting security or scalability of the final product.

About the Client

Created by top trainers, gymGO LLC’s mission is to help fitness and wellness professionals reach more, train more and earn more through a comprehensive business management solution and innovative virtual training platform. gymGO’s platform serves as a one-stop shop for trainers to manage, run and grow their business. Innovative, affordable and flexible—gymGO’s online platform lets trainers host their classes, nutrition appointments and personal training sessions all online via live sessions and work out together with their client anywhere, anytime.

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